Joann A. Alexie Memorial School

About Us

Our current school-wide Title I, PreK-12 enrollment is 118 students, who are serviced by one Site Administrator; six certified teachers; two Associate Teachers; one Preschool Leader; four aides; two kitchen staff; two maintenance technicians; two custodians; and any other laborers who may be hired for a specific task.

Community involvement is promoted on a continuous basis in an effort to develop effective educational programming. To this end, various community meetings and activities go on in the school building. One of the most significant, year openers, is the Title I meeting where each individual voice is heard, as the community celebrates its victories and devise ways to conquer its shortcomings.

This is followed by activities such as conferences, academically themed nights, family fun nights and celebrations. It is a mixture of working hard and playing hard. Activities such as Yup’ik Eskimo Dance take place on a weekly basis in an effort to approach teaching and learning within the “Yup’ik way of being”.  This connection is forming a bond between the school and community, through which both will grow stronger and better able to serve the students on their way to achievement.

A well-mapped district approved curriculum encompassing the Yugtun (Yup’ik) and English languages, as well as the knowledge and understanding of native traditions, has been implemented at JAAMS. Ongoing trainings are offered to ensure that all teaching and support staff have the highest competency to deliver the content in an engaging fashion with fidelity.

It is believed that a fundamental understanding of these subjects help students become successful and productive members of an ever-changing environment and world in which they are growing into adulthood. Whether in Yugtun (Yup’ik) or English the vocabulary we are using has evolved to be more future oriented. There is talk of graduation in the elementary classrooms and hallways, and of post-graduation options in the secondary hallways and classrooms. JAAMS has added extracurricular activities in order to give the students more outlets for their energies, more incentives to attend regularly and more chance to express themselves by achieving success. At JAAMS we are striving to increase math and reading skills in all of our students.

For many years students have been several years behind grade level. We have been going through the process of implementing curriculum with high academic rigor and expectations. We are offering numerous extended learning opportunities for all age groups. Teachers are also using extra resources to help students achieve our goals of improvement. Our FY23 MAP Proficiency scores were Reading-6%, Language-1%, and Math-0%. We are working hard to increase our ELA and Math proficiency scores.

Over the course of the next three years, JAAMS will be striving to increase graduation rates and Math and Reading proficiency levels. Attendance is an area that needs to be developed in order to increase Math and Reading proficiency. Currently being put into place are interventions and an After-school program to help students with Reading and Math. We have also implemented CHAMPS, a proactive and positive approach to school-wide and classroom management.

JAAMS will strive to foster more parental involvement through volunteering and parent/teacher contact. The school and community will also be holding Academic Parent Teacher Team meetings to introduce Yugtun language games. JAAMS is a Dual Language Education school through the utilization of the Gomez & Gomez Model. The Dual Language Model helps to foster a strong cultural identity in an otherwise traditional, Non-Native, American establishment; as well as playing a significant roll in the development of a strong first oral language in a culture whose strength has not been necessarily embedded in a strong orally language. This would offer transferability to the second language and as such offer students and student achievement a boost.

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